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Any pledge of $1 or more receives perks! Patreon is the most established membership platform. They take the smallest cut and offer the most features. For one-time donations, feel free to make a custom pledge and immediately cancel afterward.

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Thank you so much for even considering sending some money my way!

All perks should be considered voluntary gifts to supporters and may be revoked or refused for any reason. For example but not limited to, if someone joins my Discord server to be rude they may be banned. If someone's username is offensive I may refuse to include them in the credits. That sort of thing.

Club_LS Discord server

A private Discord server which is only open to friends and supporters. This perk is available to those on Patreon, YouTube Membership, and Twitch subs! This server is a central hub for channel updates, behind the scenes, and community events.

Name at end of videos

Super-supporters [$3 or more] have their usernames listed at the end of most videos! This perk applies to Patreon and YouTube memberships.

Early video access

For videos on a schedule such as Cinemare Sins, I upload the video as soon as it's done and publish as scheduled. Supporters can view early uploads ASAP through the Patreon feed, Discord server announcements, or YouTube community feed!



Patreon is probably the biggest player in the membership space. I'm on their grandfathered plan which takes only about 5%, so more of the money you generously send actually goes to me.

Perks and tiers: $1+: Role in my Club_LS Discord server and lets you see most videos early. $3+: The previous perks and also your name at the end of most of my videos. Custom pledges are also possible.

👉 How to receive perks: Link to Discord in the Patreon connected apps settings. Patreon will invite you to my server automatically. You can see early videos and other posts in my Patreon feed.

YouTube Membership

The most convenient option: you can quickly become a member of my channel by clicking the "Join" button on any of my videos!

Perks and tiers: $0.99: Role in Club_LS Discord server and lets you see most videos early. $2.99: The previous perks and also your name at the end of most of my videos.

👉 How to receive perks: Link YouTube from within Discord by going into User Settings > Connections > YouTube. Check my Community Page on YouTube to see Member-Only posts including early videos.


I've been having a great time doing production streams where I share the process of writing, recording, and editing videos. I also tend to find other random stuff to stream as well!

Perks and tiers: I offer Discord access as a perk for Twitch subs!

👉 How to receive perks: Link Twitch from within Discord by going into User Settings > Connections > Twitch. Once in the Discord server, early access to videos can be found in the announcement channel.

Note about fees

You really shouldn't have to worry about fees as a supporter since that normally comes out of my share anyway, but do be aware that some platforms take a significantly higher cut than others. Twitch takes 50%, YouTube takes 30%, and Apple will take an additional 30% of anything on an iPhone. Patreon's founder plan takes only 5%. None of this includes government taxes or transaction fees. The most optimal use-case would be to avoid using an iPhone and stick with Patreon; in that case most of the money would indeed reach me by the time everyone else has a slice of the pie! I have no control over government taxes, but all platforms should clearly communicate that amount to you before you make a payment. Thanks!

Thank you!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Details on the home page.