Brony r/Place 2022

My video about 2022's event

Welcome to my landing page which was originally made for on-boarding people to assist bronies during r/Place 2022. 

It remains preserved as it was in the final hours of the event.



The new, large Derpy appears to have been pushed by a streamer and destroyed art in the process. Read more below under "Derpy."

We've been frequently targeted by Twitch bullies with hundreds of thousands of viewers, but we have always been able to rebuild over time. Other groups have noticed this unfair treatment and we have many allies which support us.

Join Manechat at the link below for the most current info. Above all, we need to stick together and stay organized.

We have already made r/Place history thanks to our resilience and our friendship with amazing allies! Keep it up!

G5 Crystal & Ponies

A mural of the G5 crystal and Mane ponies from both generations.

It has also been continuously targeted by Twitch bullies, but the overlay/bot template also has promise for including many allies.


Salute Dashie 2

Salute Dashie found a new home on the lower part of the canvas among many allies and other smaller pony references. As usual, she has been frequently attacked by streamers but continued to rebuild.



The newer, larger Derpy has been pushed by a large streamer and took out multiple smaller communities. Most bronies disagree with this aggression. Communication has been difficult due to language barrier.

Don't spend pixels on the larger Derpy. Focus on defending our other ponies, the previous smaller Derpy, and allies.

The group behind Derpy is our ally and has helped us throughout r/Place. However, Derpy has been accused of being more aggressive than other ponies. The majority of bronies don't condone aggressive expansion.

Other ponies

Thanks to our growing forces and help from allies, we now have the ability to quickly deploy new ponies spread all around the canvas. 

This webpage won't be updated to include them all, since some smaller ones are best left unknown to avoid being bullied.

Original Salute Dashie [RIP]

After the famous battle with the Ukraine flag which will go down in r/Place history, we've been attacked by multiple Twitch bullies with tens of thousands of viewers. Dashie returned many times, however it does not seem likely for the original Salute Dashie to return without help from a previous ally. Don't waste pixels on her unless we have that support.

r/Beserk is our ally. We helped to build the memorial. Don't let a bully turn us against each other.


The bronies are a friendly, peaceful group on r/Place. Our mission is to spread the magic of friendship and to celebrate a fun cartoon. 

Tampermonkey script 

As always, open links and run scripts at your own risk.

This tool includes helpful options like an overlay to see the template on-screen, the option to automatically select a color for faster placement, and even the option to use an auto-clicker.

r/Place WAS originally expected to end in:

NOTE: The countdown is based on an official blog post, however a more recent Reddit post suggests the end time may be a surprise.

It may work in our favor for r/Place to end at an unknown time. It will be down to luck whether the Twitch bullies happen to target us at that particular time.

Day One Timeline

Apologies for not updating this more! 

Lots has happened since day 1, I just haven't had a chance to thoroughly recap it here.

If you have a detailed timeline of events, Twitch clips, or anything else which could be useful for my future video, please email me or add me on Discord after the event ends.

How you can help us!

r/Place info

View the video embedded below for a recap of 2017's event!

Video about 2017's event

2017 Dashie ❤️ 

Salute Dashie ideas and mockups

Sigmath Bits' original proposal which has since been improved and refined by many people. 

Original proposal to combine Sigmath Bits' Dashie with SanjiDK's book idea.

Mockup of potentially changing the book pages over time.

The final Dashie template.

One of Drago's many stretch goal proposals to include additional ponies as a background.

Older revision with alternate outline palette color.