Welcome to Poner Plushie! We are a community of bronies who are passionate about all aspects of pony plushies. We talk about everything from commissions and creation to maintenance and collecting. Looking to create a pony plush? Come chat with one of the many talented artists in our community! Looking to buy or sell? We have a channel just for that! Whether you have been a plushie enthusiast for years or are just getting started, we welcome you to join us in the discussion! We meet both in-person at conventions and online through Discord and social media. Come join us and let's talk about the wonderful world of pony plushies!

If the Discord server is currently open, you can join by asking another member for an invite or simply by using the social media link. Be sure to carefully read #rules-welcome-info for rules and important information about how to get a role.

Sizes and styles


Cute, small, and usually more affordable. These can generally be described as palm-sized. Tiny pony plushies are great for traveling or hiding from your parents. Unlike them, we don't judge you.


Probably the most common custom pony plush size is in the 10-20 inch range. This can generally be referred to as display size because these are works of art you're not likely to cuddle with and they're perfect for collecting dust on a shelf while looking adorable doing so.

Large/Cuddle Size

There's no going back now. You'll never be able to appreciate normal sized plushies after experiencing a pony plush which is large enough to cuddle and just about large enough to hug you back.


Congrats, you have achieved peak pony plush! Lifesize is generally larger than 40 inches hoof-to-hoof when prone. Now you can finally share a pillow with your waifu and take her on dates at public restaurants.


You're crazy! They're supposed to be my "little" ponies, remember?!



Good Licensed

From the legendary 4th Dimension Entertainment plushies in the early days, to the newcomer Symbiote plushies, officially licensed pony plushies don't have to be all bad. There are a lot of bad ones too though.

Bad Licensed

For being a toy company, Hasbro sure did struggle to make decent pony plushies. These are probably not worth the money, but it sure was convenient to drop one in your shopping cart while at Walmart or Target in 2015.


Leave it to China to give us a large variety of illegal pony plushies over the years. These range from being pretty good to being really terrible. OlyFactory made some of the most iconic bootleg pony plushies. Just don't tell Hasbro. šŸ¤«


Plush Maker Directory

Looking for a list of plush makers, both active and historical? Below is a great source of information for those looking to commission something new or research past makers. This spreadsheet is mainly maintained by one person, so consider it just one of many sources of information.

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My Little Pony Plush Makers Directory