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Hello! My name's Littleshy.

Ponies and video making are my two favorite things! The brony community has been my life for the past decade or so, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a Christian brony from the northeast US. I joined the herd in late 2011. I survived Derpygate, Twilicorn, the 2012 BronyCon fire, and FIM's series finale.

Ever since joining the fandom I've had the privilege of taking part in various projects and meeting all sorts of cool people. Whether it's participating in PMV collaborations, appearing on Bronies React, vlogging conventions, running monthly pony video showcases, or being on panels with people way cooler than myself; It's been a wild ride that's for sure. I've been to all of the BronyCon events since 2012 along with other conventions and meetups. You can also find me lurking on various Discord servers and many other brony sub-communities in my quest to follow all things pony.

I can quit anytime I want, I swear!

Above is a playlist of some of my videos!

How to contact me:

YouTube comments!

That’s right, I read virtually every comment on my primary channel! Obviously I can’t reply to ‘em all, but I do hear your feedback! YouTube doesn't notify me of replies in comment threads, so it may not be the best place to hold a conversation.


Email is ideal for formal inquiries, business, collabs, etc. It's also perfectly fine for lengthier casual messages.

Note that this email may change over time to combat spam so please check back here for future use.

Discord: LittleshyFiM#0001

This is currently my go-to messaging service and anyone's generally free to add me as a friend. I hang out in various servers and run a couple of my own which you can find linked below.

I have a Discord server as a reward for $1+ patrons. If that sounds interesting to you, take a look at my Patreon profile!

Business info:

  • Brand integrations and sponsorships must be relevant to my viewers in some way, namely by being related to My Little Pony.

  • Don’t contact me about YouTube network partnerships or similar schemes; you will be ignored or mocked.

Beware of impostors and fake profiles.

I am NOT active on Roblox, Instagram, Scratch, TikTok, Snapchat, or Fortnite. My Twitter is linked to PonyTown.

If you see an active profile with my name and it isn’t linked to from here or my channel links it’s best to assume it’s fake. In fact, you should assume this website is fake unless you see it linked from my channel. 😉

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💬 Discord

Club_LS [Primary]
Invite only; for friends and supporters.

The Top 10 Pony Videos
For pony video fans and creators!

Poner Plushies
For pony plush fans. Invite only; check Twitter.


Sometimes I play games on Twitch. Stay tuned to my primary YouTube channel for larger streams but if you'd like to hang out and watch me play various games, this is the place.

Suggest Sins

Cinemare Sins is currently my largest video series, and I appreciate help with the sin hunt! Go here for a form to submit some ideas. Be sure to include your name so I can credit you in the description if your sin is used. Thank you so much!


The Top 10 Pony Videos

The Top 10 Pony Videos is a long-running project to document and showcase the most popular pony videos on a monthly basis. Created June 2011 by TheMovieBrony, hosted by yours truly since January 2017.

Website | Twitter | Discord

An easy-to-remember and easy-to-find landing page for newcomers to satisfy curiosity and inform those wondering about this weird brony thing. Created April 2012.

Website | Twitter

Cinemare Sins

YouTube series inspired by Cinema Sins which pokes fun at My Little Pony and finds humorous nitpicks. Regular videos since May 2013.


Poner Plushies

Pony plushies! Daily tweets and a passionate Discord community since February 2020.

Twitter | Discord by invite only

Video essays, skits, & more

Everything ranging from informative videos to absurd sketches!


Member of Bronies React

I'm honored to be a part of ACRacebest's long-running reaction series! My first appearance was in March 2015.

ACRaceBest's Channel

Event vlogs

Capturing various brony events since Summer BronyCon 2012!


Green Screen Ponies

A place to download clips extracted from the show to be easily inserted into your own videos. Widely utilized by all sorts of videos ranging from PMVs to popular YouTubers! Created January 2012.

Channel | Webpage


These two styles represent some of my earliest videos from 2012. Both "Pony Music Videos" and "Pony In Real Life" formats are fun ways to tell stories while diving headfirst into video editing software.

PMV playlist | Pony in real life playlist

Pony Videos Playlists

An archive of the oldest and most notable pony videos ever created, circa 2010-2011. I also have a much less serious playlist of memey pony videos.

Ancient Pony Videos | "Important Pony Videos"

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