Green Screen Ponies

What is "Green Screen Ponies?"

Green Screen Ponies is an effort to archive and share backgroundless clips from My Little Pony for use in various fan projects. Most of the clips were created by yours truly, although a good number of other people have been kind enough to contribute their own as well.

Green Screen Ponies was one of my very first brony projects; in fact, January 23rd 2012 was the day I uploaded my very first clip to the channel. Originally I created the asset for a video of my own I was working on, but after seeing fellow brony creators spending so much time extracting ponies from the show for use in PMVs and "pony in real life" videos I decided there should be a repository for this kind of thing. Being able to simply drop a clip into a project enables far more creative expression compared to the need to spend considerable time creating the asset from scratch.

Much of the project is outdated, and far better methods of extraction are possible today to improve quality, but the channel remains used by many and I still upload when I have something to share or if someone shares their own. Apologies in advance for the terrible quality and poor file format of the older clips. Hopefully you find the project useful regardless!

How to download

Simply navigate to the channel, find a clip by searching or browsing the playlists, then check the description for a download link.

Most clips are available in a common MP4 format with the traditional green background, or a larger intermediary format such as AVI or MOV with no background at all. These larger files may take up considerable space when uncompressed, although newer clips have an improved codec.

Need help extracting .7z files? Try 7Zip.

Want to download a bunch of clips at once without going to each video page? Try a file dump!

Note: file dumps may not contain all clips or they may contain different versions from the video pages.

Usage & copyright

Keep in mind that My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and all clips on the channel were extracted from the original media. Don't use these clips in any manner you wouldn't normally use clips from the show. All trademarked characters belong to Hasbro. This is a non-commercial fan-made project. Crediting the clip creator listed in the clip's description is appreciated.

How to contribute/contact

If you have an asset to share that would be fitting for the channel, contact me! Clips can be sent in and hosted by the project or you can self-host and provide a YouTube link to be added to one of the playlists.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or other matters to share.

How to use

Clips are typically available in traditional "green" versions, and pre-keyed "alpha" versions. True to the name, "green" versions function as a green screen and can simply be keyed out in your video editor of choice. "Alpha" refers to the alpha video channel and means the clip is encoded in a way that already has transparency. You should be able to drop Alpha clips right into your editing software without keying. More details can be found in a text file accompanying most file downloads.

What are Green Screen Ponies used for?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic gave birth to a massive and diverse fan community. One part of that community is the creation and enjoyment of all kinds of pony videos! Green Screen Ponies can potentially save creators hours of time and they're used for all sorts of things. They can also be handy for creating gifs and memes.