Brony r/Place 2023

My video about 2023's event

My video about the preparation leading up to 2023's failed launch.

Welcome to my landing page which was originally made for on-boarding people to assist bronies during r/Place 2023. This page also contains pre-event speculation and details.

It remains preserved as it was in the final hours of the event.


We are free. r/Place 2023 has ended.

Bronies saw immense success, even after seeing more aggression from Twitch bullies this year as well as the threat of massive bot attacks. Our nuke counter topped out somewhere around 30, but we always continued to rebuild and make peaceful expansions across the canvas. We had an amazing team of diplomats working hard to befriend other factions.

While some bronies chose to forge their own path during r/Place, the central faction is proud to have been bot-free this year. This ended up being a great call as bots became one of the biggest and most hated factions on all of r/Place, plus the victory for those participating manually tastes so much sweeter for it.

Thank you to the countless volunteers, be they officially on the team or not, who sacrificed many long hours to assist in this event. You are what makes this community so amazing.

r/Place Bronies Discord server

r/Place Bronies Discord Server Message to our friends

We on behalf of the My Little Pony community wanted to extend our warmest and most sincere thanks to each and every one of you who left us a helping hand during our time on r/place. Your collaboration was extraordinary and we are truly overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity you've shown us.

The magic of friendship that we value so heartily in our beloved series isn't just fictional. We might not be able to shoot actual orbital friendship rainbows, but it has a real impact on the lives of those around us. United, we helped each other create something truly special on the canvas. United, we painted something wonderful. United, we all combined our skills. From the hard work of developers, the dedication of the moderators and faction leaders, the teamwork of each faction, and the creativity of all the artists should be commended.

No matter how many times it happens, seeing our beloved characters come to life amidst the chaos and the streamers was not a testament to our strength as a community, but from the bonds we formed, and the help we recieved. So for every selfless pixel that was sent our way, we are grateful, and we hope our allies feel the same for us. We not only made art, but perhaps, if you'll allow it, forged a lasting friendship between our communities, and that will be our greatest contribution.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to every single person who played a part in creating art of any kind. You are part of the reason so many people even bothered this year, despite the controversy regarding reddit. So thank you. Your loyalty to your community, and the honesty you provided to us is heartwarming, and I hope we can maintain this relationship.

Yours sincerely,

The My Little Pony community

Here's my stream recording for day 1

My stream recording for day 2

Skipping ahead, this is my stream recording for the very end of the event on day 6!

What we know: 

Last updated July 20th 9:00 AM EDT.

Reddit surprised everyone by changing up the coordinate system and initial color palette. This caused some confusion for us and our neighbors, but we were able to get established!

Later on the 2nd day, we were wiped out after a typical Twitch bully raid, but we will always continue to rebuild.


Information below this point may be outdated!

Check out my video about the events leading up to June 23rd's non-event.  

Scroll to the bottom of this page for videos about 2017 and 2022's events!

June 23rd message

It didn't happen June 23rd as expected.

Read the pre-event information below if you'd like to learn why so many people were so sure it was going to happen. As for why it didn't happen, my speculation is that Place was canceled relatively last minute due to the API protests.

Consider watching my 2022 deep dive, or check out the recording of my June 23rd live stream which went on for almost nine hours.

Message to the Discord server:

Hey all, it’s been a wild journey. 

This server was created March 16th after numerous findings relating to r/Place’s return. I think most of us weren’t really looking forward to another event so soon, but our dedication and passion for ponies and community led us to get to work anyway. I know I spent countless hours stressing over details and getting things set up. Coaster was the one to take the initiative of creating the server in the first place. Countless mods volunteered their time. And of course we have an amazing team of devs. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone and offer my appreciation for the passion we share.

For the record, we have evidence r/Place was in the works. We have evidence they planned to launch it June 23rd. None of the people involved with datamining or clue hunting deceived or faked anything. It really is just looking like a scrapped plan we happened to stumble upon. Companies like Reddit probably have all sorts of plans behind the scenes that never come to fruition. We were unlucky to find this one.

As you have probably figured out, it doesn’t look like r/Place is happening today at all. My personal speculation is that they canceled it before it was even announced, possibly due to the API protests. Now would be bad timing for r/Place anyway. It might be the end of an era if Reddit continues down this road, but that’s a whole other discussion.

Feel free to coordinate plans for other pixel clones as well. This server isn’t disappearing any time soon, nor are the friendships forged over the course of these past months. I don’t think we have immediate plans for the sever, but we might shift focus and organize other events or activities. We’ll need a few days of rest before figuring that out though. Point is, we’d love it if you stuck around. Especially if anyone wants to hold out hope for a Place event months or years in the future. We can continue to be one of the most prepared and most dedicated Place factions in existence.

Thanks for being part of this amazing community. We as bronies are very fortunate that this doesn’t mark the end for us, as we’ll always have some new pony thing to get excited about. Whether it’s conventions, online events, or meeting friends; friendship is still magic.

Pre-Event information

What we know:

Pre-Event Timeline:

Last updated June 18th 9:30 PM EDT.
Mikarific's findings related to the German leak:

Video explanation of Snakeroom's initial findings:
Video explanation of Snakeroom's later findings:

Join the new r/Place brony Discord server if you'd like to help!

Above: 2022's original design, and the winner of this year's poll [plus an animated version of the book not shown.]
Above: an interesting popup message included in a recent Android app update which is normally hidden. There is zero question about r/Place's return now, and this also brings speculation that the event could last much longer and could have a larger, ever-growing canvas.
Above: alleged mockup of r/Place's return. This screenshot was leaked on a German meme subreddit along with comments claiming r/Place returns June 23rd. It was soon deleted. Later in May, elements of the leaked mockup were found in new, unused updates on the official app; thus confirming the leak to be real.
Above: new, unused embed code which is in the mobile app now. The style perfectly matches the German leak.
Above: Just some of the pixel art proposed for this year.
Above: Screenshot of a Snakeroom announcement explaining some of their findings. The speculation that r/Place would return for April 1st was obviously incorrect, but the findings are real all the same.
Above: Screenshot of Manechat mods discussing the possibility of r/Place 2023 and expressing disinterest. Manechat's Discord server was a primary hub of brony activity during r/Place 2017 and 2022.

r/Place 2022

Check out the previous webpage for a snapshot of the event's final moments. 

r/Place 2017