Here are various pony projects I've worked on over the years!

The Top 10 Pony Videos

The Top 10 Pony Videos is a long-running project to document and showcase the most popular pony videos on a monthly basis. Created June 2011 by TheMovieBrony, hosted by yours truly since January 2017.

Website | Discord | Mastodon | Twitter

An easy-to-remember and easy-to-find landing page for newcomers to satisfy curiosity and inform those wondering about this weird brony thing. Created April 2012.

Website | Twitter

Cinemare Sins

YouTube series inspired by Cinema Sins which pokes fun at My Little Pony and finds humorous nitpicks. Regular videos since May 2013.


Poner Plushies

Pony plushies! Regular posts and a passionate Discord community since February 2020.

Webpage | Twitter | Mastodon

Video essays, skits, & more

Various videos ranging from informative commentary to absurd sketches!


Member of Bronies React

I'm honored to be part of ACRacebest's long-running series! My first appearance was in March 2015.

ACRaceBest's Channel

Event vlogs

Capturing various brony events since Summer BronyCon 2012!


Green Screen Ponies

A place to download clips extracted from the show to be easily inserted into your own videos. Widely utilized by all sorts of videos ranging from PMVs to popular YouTubers! Created January 2012.

Channel | Webpage


These two styles represent some of my earliest videos from 2012. Both "Pony Music Videos" and "Pony In Real Life" formats are fun ways to tell stories while diving headfirst into video editing software.

PMV playlist | Pony in real life playlist

Pony Video Playlists

An archive of the oldest and most notable pony videos ever created, circa 2010-2011. I also have a much less serious playlist of "memey" pony videos.

Ancient Pony Videos | "Important Pony Videos"

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