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Hello! I'm Littleshy.

Ponies and video making are my two favorite things. The brony community has been my life for over a decade, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a Christian brony from the northeast US. I joined the herd in late 2011. I survived Derpygate, Twilicorn, the 2012 BronyCon fire, and FIM's finale among other things.

Ever since joining the fandom I've had the privilege of taking part in various projects and meeting all sorts of cool people. Whether it's participating in PMV collaborations, appearing on Bronies React, vlogging conventions, running monthly pony video showcases, or being on panels with people way cooler than myself; It's been a wild ride that's for sure.

I can quit anytime I want, I swear!

Above is a playlist of some of my biggest videos!

Find me at all the places!


📺 YouTube

I've been uploading pony videos to YouTube regularly since January 2013! This is where you'll find Cinemare Sins, The Top 10 Pony Videos, as well as whatever various video essays, vlogs, and other videos I make. I also have a secondary channel and run Green Screen Ponies.

💬 Discord


🦣 Mastodon 

Check out my webpage to learn more about Mastodon, what the Fediverse is, and to find a list of brony servers.

📹 Twitch

Follow me on Twitch for video production streams as well as occasional gaming. It's a lot of fun to share the scripting, recording, and editing process start-to-finish with you all!

📧 E-mail

Email is ideal for formal inquiries, but it's also perfectly fine for lengthier casual messages. Sponsorships or other offers unrelated to my channel and its audience will be ignored or mocked. This email may change over time to combat spam. Please check back here for future use.

🦋 Bluesky

I don't use Bluesky, but you can follow my Mastodon profile via Bridgy Fed! A bridge will be less reliable than following me directly, but it should be much more convenient for those who use Bluesky.

Beware of impostors and fake profiles. 

I am NOT active on Roblox, Instagram, Scratch, Snapchat, or Fortnite.

I might use some of those services, but I do not post content or talk to people on them. If you see an active profile with my name and it isn’t linked to from this website or my YouTube channel it’s best to ignore it. In fact, you should assume this website is fake unless you see it linked from my YouTube channel. 😉

YouTube alternatives

Many small services have come and gone, but listed here are the ones I currently have a profile on. You probably shouldn't trust any random profile which uses my name, but these here are indeed legit. If you use these websites please give me a follow! If you don't use these websites, maybe check them out. Who knows, someday they could be viable alternatives. If YouTube randomly decides to nuke my channel, you can be sure I'll pick one of these as my new primary site.

Previously known as Utreon.

Thanks for taking a look at my page!